About ASC

The main goal of ASC is for the young player to work towards ball mastery and grow their soccer ability - technique, skill, coordination and fitness in order to smash their goals!


The 6 fundamental areas all the best soccer players have high levels in and that ASC coaches are:

  • 1st touch

  • ball control

  • awareness

  • passing

  • vision

  • timing

These all are vital for players of all positions, ages and ability. Along with shooting, tackling, defending, dribbling, passing, heading and all other aspects of soccer the above skillset is essential for success and therefore prioritized in sessions.


We only grow by being challenged. At ASC, we push the player to an extent that will allow the player to be challenged enough to grow and become a better, but while still enjoying the soccer. I regulate this through feedback from the player and parent.

Ball mastery

For the player to grow  I ensure that the time spent with ASC has as many touches during a session as possible, as the player will only master a skill by actually doing and practising the game!


Soccer is a wonderful game to help the development of vital life skills, such as respect, determination, courage and teamwork. So as the soccer player develops their ball skills I also think it is equally important for them to grow as human beings which will help them in life. ASC shows these traits to the player so that it is reciprocated by the player.

Coach Lawrence understands that different ability levels, ages and personalities require different approaches to help reach the different goals of each player so this is catered for within an ASC lesson.

The ASC philosphy is learning by having fun. I ensure the drills, games and coaching are challenging to help the player exceed their goals and excel on the field.

What some happy ASC students say:  

"The boys really enjoyed the sessions. The drills were unique and fun and really helped their game"

- Steve, parent of HS Varsity players.

"My son was really challenged and came home tired, but he had so much fun with you. Awesome!"


- Rebecca V. Hampstead

"Coach Lawrence was personable and had a program perfect for my son's ability - he pushed them and they got better AND they loved it."


- Patrick, Parent of 10 year old